Finnair in Brief

Finnair is one of the most innovative, safest and longest-operating airlines in the world. Finnair's route network connects Asia, North America and the northern regions of Europe and beyond through its hub at Helsinki Airport. The operations are based on quality, reliability, safety and design inspired by Nordic pure nature. Helsinki's geographical location provides Finnair with a natural competitive advantage, as the fastest routes between many destinations in Europe and mega-cities in Asia go through Helsinki.

Finnair's mission is to offer the smoothest, fastest connections in the northern hemisphere via Helsinki and the best network to the world from its home markets.
Finnair's strategic objectives are to:

  • Double Asian traffic by 2020 from the 2010 level
  • Deliver a unique customer experience and achieve world-class operations
  • Create shareholder value
Finnair is the only Nordic carrier with a 4-star Skytrax ranking and a member of the oneworld alliance. In 2015, Finnair's revenues amounted to EUR 2,324 million and it had a personnel of 4,800 at the year-end. Finnair's head office is located at Helsinki Airport and its shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. Finnish government is a major shareholder with a 55.8 per cent holding. Other shareholders include public bodies, financial institutions, private companies and households.